Thick & Thin Drystack Fieldstone


Bed depth is 4″-6″, heights of stone are 2 1/4″-8″, random lengths. Hand tooling is required to achieve this look at installation.

Available As

Available in full bed depth and Natural Thin Veneer.  In natural thin veneer orders you must specify some broken edges.  Otherwise it will have “all” weathered gray/brown edges.  Discuss with your sales associate when ordering.



This weathered sandstone has tones of weathered gray, with brown, and  beige.  This stone is gathered from mountain hillsides from rock slides. Material is irregular in shape, each piece is tooled on site.  The more the stone is tooled the more of the interior of the stone is exposed.  When tooled you are removing the exterior weathered gray color and exposing more of the tan, buff, blonde hues of color.  This stone, because of its warm tones is routinely seen in fireplace both indoor and outdoor, retaining walls, house fascade construction.